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This article contains information on the Service Net Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

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This article contains information on the LocalCover Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

LocalCover Questions #tools# What is the LocalCover warranty? Can I cancel the warranty? How do I register the LocalCover Warranty? How do I make a claim? Who pays the costs of shipping my product to or from a repairer? How are product faults

Some products may come with a Rebate Offer such as a mail in Rebate or a Rebate Gift Card in the form of a Prepaid Debit Card.

We accept a variety of payment methods, including most major credit cards and popular forms of payment. Accepted payment methods may vary based on country and type of order.

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Instead of shipping to your home or business address, we can ship your order directly to a Canada Post Office or Canada Post Office Retail location. Some restrictions apply.

To ship to a PO Box, select Ground shipping as your delivery method, and write the PO Box in the first line of your shipping address during checkout. Please see here for more info and restrictions.

Free gift items may be charged separately, however the larger order is discounted by that amount in order to cancel out the charge.