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Used items #tools# Used items are items that have been opened and/or used. If an item is used, it will be clearly labeled on the item's description page using one of the following conditions. Condition Details Used - Like New • Has been opened,

Item specifications and details #tools# Specifications and technical data can be found on every item page under the Specifications tab. For more details or clarification on the specifications of an item, please feel free to contact the item

Downloadable software #tools# With downloadable software, you don't need to wait for shipping. In general, you will receive a download link and security code within 1-3 hours (up to 1-2 business days if your order requires additional verification to

Requesting an item #tools# We don't take special orders or requests for items not listed on our website. If you would like to suggest an item for us carry, please click here: Recommend a Product. #helpful#

OEM and Bare Card/Drive items #tools# OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM items are brand new, but they're meant for experienced users and system builders. They don't come with retail packaging, accessories or manuals, although

Discontinued, deactivated or currently unavailable items #tools# If an item is Discontinued, Deactivated or Currently Unavailable, it means we don't know if or when we're going to carry it again. Important Information: If we expect to restock an...

Refurbished items are items that were returned, tested and restored to manufacturer specifications. Here are some examples.