Rebate Gift Card

Some products may come with a Rebate Offer such as a mail in Rebate or a Rebate Gift Card in the form of a Prepaid Debit Card. Below you can find some questions and answers regarding your Rebate Prepaid Card.

Q: Are there any fees?

A: Newegg does not charge any fees. Any applicable fees will be solely based on the manufacturer, company issuing the Prepaid Debit Card, where the card is used or expiration time frame. Information regarding fees can be found on the Terms & Conditions as well as the instructions provided with your Prepaid Card.

Q: How can I can receive my Rebate faster?

A: Depending on the Manufacturer, company etc. some may offer a type of “no-wait” service at a small fee in order for you to receive your Prepaid Rebate Card faster. This amount will be deducted from your actual Rebate amount. (Newegg offers this service) When filling out the Rebate form online you will notified if this is an available option for you.

Q: If my Prepaid Card expires, can I receive a new one?

A: Some Prepaid Cards have expiration dates that cannot be extended or re-issued. It is important to review the Terms & Conditions found on your Rebate form.

Q: Why would some Prepaid Rebate cards charge fees

A: Newegg does not charge any fees, however some merchants may charge a fee depending on where and how you use the card. Some examples of the types of fees that companies may charge would be:

  • Monthly fees: If you do not use your card within a certain time frame, there may be a fee.
  • Transaction fee: This may apply for some merchants each time you make a purchase using your Prepaid Rebate Card.
  • Reload Fee: An applied fee when money is put back on your Prepaid Rebate Card; if your Prepaid Rebate Card is reloadable.
Updated on July 14, 2021

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