Return shipping

Newegg will only pay for return shipping if an item is defective. The item must be within its Newegg return policy. To set up your return with a free shipping label, please use our online return portal here, and select “Defective” as the return reason.

If you need to return a product that was shipped via Large Item Delivery, please contact Newegg’s customer service department to obtain instructions on how to return the product.

What to do if you cannot print your return label

If you receive return label and are unable to print it at home, you can go to a UPS store and ask the UPS representative to print the label based off of the QR code located on the return label. To get to the QR code, please do the following:

  1. From within your RMA label email, click on the “Return Label & QR Code” button
  2. Scroll down to view the QR code
  3. Show the QR code to the UPS representative so they can scan and print it
Updated on July 13, 2021

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