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Sales Tax exemption – BC & QC ONLY

The following online tax portal applies only to British Columbia (BC). If you are located in Quebec (QC), please click here for more info.

If you are a tax-exempt organization or reseller located in the BC area, you can apply for tax exemption on your Newegg.ca orders. To create a sales tax exemption certificate record for BC in order to be exempt from BC Tax please follow these steps


ecp.newegg.com does not support Firefox, all other browsers are supported.

Having issues? Please click here for our tax exemption portal Q & A

Create account for tax exemption portal

1. Create a Newegg.ca account if you do not have one.

2. Go to the Newegg tax exemption portal here, then click Sign Up. Otherwise enter your username and password to sign in

3. Enter your information and Newegg ID. The ID is your email you registered when you created your Newegg account.

  • PLEASE CREATE ONLY ONE ACCOUNT. Duplicate account records may delay the tax exemption process and may cause your application to be rejected.

Create a certificate

1. Once registered, Sign In to your account here: Newegg tax exemption portal.

2. On the Certificate Manager Page click  Create to add a new certificate.

3. Once you select British Columbia you will be prompted to select a form to fill out. A list of all possible forms to fill in will appear as in the example below:

4. Input a valid date then click continue.

  • Please note that dates are validated. Using the wrong date will cause your application to be rejected.

5. A form will now be available to fill out. Once done click Sign and Save.

Renew certificate

1. To access, renew and add certificates, Sign In to your account here: Newegg tax exemption portal.

2. After signing in, you can maintain existing certificates and create new ones.

Important information


Tax exemption applications take 3-5 business days to process. Once your application is processed, future orders will no longer be taxed by Newegg.ca. If your application lists a previous order that should have been tax exempt, any tax that we collected on that order will be refunded to the original payment method.


If any of your submitted information has changed, please log in to your existing exemption certificate account to make updates, renew existing certificates, or add new certificates if needed.

Updated on June 23, 2020

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